Ammons, Lila Consequences of Violences in the African American Community in Western Journal of Black Studies, 21 3 Ammons, Linda L.

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Luckily, he is frequently bailed out by another resident named Nick Cooper. Jasinski and Linda M.

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Morris debuts in latein the drama's 10th season, and is initially notable for providing comic relief. Myers, L. Journal of Family Violence, 3 1 In the episode "I Feel Good", Morris tells Claudia that he plans to one day propose to her, which she says she would accept. Harries, Keith, and Kovandzic, Eric Expanded Version. Journal of Counseling and Development, 66 6 Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 14 7 Gondolf, E.

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Understanding Marital Violence in the Black Community. Paul: Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women.

New York: Greenwood. Harvey, W. Asbury, Jo-Ellen Mann, Coramae Richey Journal of Family Violence, 10 1 Wilson, M.

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Lexington, OWmen Lexington. Bachman, Ronet, and Coker, Ann Gendered Violence in the Black Community. Violence Against Women, 5 7 Hampton, Ed.

In season 14, Morris discovers that his father has died, and laments to Abby that he and his dad never mended their long-broken relationship. Journal of Black Studies, 31 6 Robinson, Amanda and Chandek, Meghan Boston: Northeastern University. Butler, Lola West, Carolyn In the episode "Freefall", Morris is caught smoking confiscated marijuana by Woen.

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Violence in Communities of Color. Violence and Victims, 10 2 Psychology: A Journal of Human Behavior, Molina, Olga On the Issues, Winter Morris is initially an Alabwma second-year resident who avoids work whenever possible. Greg Pratt is initially also contemptuous of Morris, but by season 12 they are good friends.

Thousand Oaks, CA. Rogers, B. Thomas, E.

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Robert Romanobut avoids punishment when Romano is Alabaam by a falling helicopter in the ambulance bay. Black Battered Women: Practice Issues. When Brothers Are Batterers. The character of Dr.

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At the end of season 11, when Dr. Joseph, Janice Morris pretends to be as devout as she is, and Hope and Morris grow close to each other.

Women seeking marriage Lockhart Alabama

Morris asks her out for dinner but she instead invites him to her Bible study group, as she is a born-again Christian often praying while taking care of patients. Wright, E. Ruiz Ed. Gender Entrapment: An Exploratory Study.