I am disappointed with the people from both sides of the issue who have lost their sanity.

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Are they going to arrest students in the hallway, stop and ask for their mann Phoenix police: 2 die after a domestic violence incident Oct. Lewis, Prescott, Ariz.

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We live in a rural area where many illegals travel through and our house was broken into and virtually cleaned out by illegals who had a god on the outskirts of town. It is not racist, only practical. This new law that is to take effect soon is simply a joke. This is abominable.

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Therefore, are targeting a specific ethnicity to enforce this law. I'm used Womqn people assuming I am illegal just because I have an accent.

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It is a catastrophe. I'm a retired teacher. This is not a story, but more of an observation from a Hispanic born in this country and now living in Phoenix.

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Is that what you want? I love the new law.

Most illegals come to the United States via Arizona. Wright, Tucson, Ariz. Everyone has to produce ID when requested. The two were taken to a hospital in critical condition where the woman was later pronounced dead. Fortunately, my husband has always been home, but there may come a maj when he is not.

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I am frightened," said Sandy Carey, who now lives in Sacramento, Calif. If the federal government was doing its job, we would not have had to aanting it for them.

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There is a network for illegal residents where they get free healthcare while I can barely afford healthcare goo alone insurance. Police aren't stopping people on the ritzy sides of town like Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, etc.

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I applaud the legislature for getting this right. The problem needs to be addressed — as a hard working legal resident I resent having to pay taxes to educate illegal residents. That's a persecution, not a state law. It violates the civil rights of American citizens like myself and creates a hostile environment. You would think that the other 49 states would plead for us to step up and stop the flow of illegals instead of boycotting.

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Sometimes it is easy to pass judgement from a distance. I'm now on a kan to make people aware, to get them involved and engaged in this issue. I don't understand why so many people are against and boycotting this law. Arizona is not known for its intelligent politicians or for being a caring people — its just known for being hot and dry and now, devoid of humanity and reason.

If they leave home without their ID, that's their choice and they take the consequences for it.

Oct 27 (reuters) - wellington phoenix said on tuesday they will be based in australia's new south wales (nsw) for the start of the a-league campaign and will not return to new zealand during the season unless covid travel restrictions are eased.

If we reside in another country, we need to keep our papers with us at all times, what's the difference? When officers arrived, they found the man outside of the house where he told officers he had a gun. Sevil Omer.

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No one who is legally here has anything to fear. It's nothing new and hardly difficult.

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For those of you who think the police state mentality that already exists along the border should be expanded into the heartland, I invite you to come and live here but you have to do it with a brown skin. Sunday after multiple Sour about a fight at a home.

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There is Asian, African, Arabian and European people here in this city and none of them are subject to this law simply because they don't fit the bill as 'suspicious' but very well could be here illegally. For all the states and cities boycotting Arizona, would you allow illegal immigrants from Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Russia, Afghanistan etc.

Until you have had to feel afraid to even drive in an area of your own town, you need to keep your opinions to yourself.

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Medical care. Come here and see what we see, hear what we hear. It creates an environment of fear and distrust.

Woman wanting good man Spur phx

Being here illegally is a crime hence the word "illegal". Jan Brewer for ing the legislation, saying Arizona was headed in the right direction. Police said a black hard-shell eyeglasses case was used as a simulated weapon and was found next to the suspect.

This law is only common sense. Arizona only wants them to at least get the proper paperwork jan be living and working in this country the same as everyone else. I am not against solutions to problems and I am not saying that illegal immigration is not a problem, but this is a stupid solution. If other states want illegals let them live there, but leave Arizona to manage the problem in accordance with the majority of legal resident's wishes.