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We had already danced several dances when two guys ed us at the table. MFmm-teens, ped, family-inc, mast, oral, anal Inevitable Rape - by Phil Phantom - Pam was gang raped in the early part of our senior year. A son's black friend is visiting for the holidays and becomes too much for mom. Boswell - An old friend comes to stay and gets more hospitality than he would have syories imagined possible. MMF, wife, exh, mast, cybersex Jack's Wife - by The Lizard King - This one is hard to categorize other than to say it's truly weird and yes, perverted.

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Times were hard, money was tight, so we invited a lodger into our home and then into our bed. MF, stores, wife, voy-husb, intr, cuck, preg Hawaiian Fun - by Phd Tongue - A man and his wife take up a little stiries to spice up their sex life. We were only in our second year of marriage, so Trish and I were still practically newlyweds. MF, wife, husb-voy, intr, size Garden Syories - by Wireguy - A story about a wife waking up to an unwanted situation while her husband lies beside her asleep and unable to help her.

She was, up to now, a respectable married woman thirty five years old, with children of her own. She made a mistake and promised a young black player "anything" if he scored four touchdowns during the game.

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A few minutes later, I announced that it was my turn, and I was off to the restroom, too. Then one day she s a gym and everything changes. She was a little sister syories my fraternity, and was available to anyone at our parties. A short time later, the waitress came to check on us, and our two new friends ordered us all another round of drinks. She wanted to take a long shower and prepare herself. MMF, wife-sharing, voy How It Started - by Peter - How I shared storkes wife with my neighbour after finding him watching her undress through our bedroom window.

That is until he confronts her with what he saw.

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A new husband maneuvers his bride sttories a compromising position on the not-so-honeymoon. Trish thought for a moment, shook her head and told me she remembered things pretty clearly up till when she started feeling woozy. Although Elizabeth was happily married, sometimes when she saw her new boss, Mr. She's turned into his whore and he's just a cuckold and wimp.

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True to his word, though, he sent the waitress over with another round of drinks on his way to the restroom, and Jim and I entertained ourselves with conversation about photography, sports and music until his buddy finally reed us at the table. A black man!

Wife gets fucked stories

And his friends. I finally found an exam table like the doctors used and had my wife spread her legs on it for her yearly exam, and she was all mine.

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It all starts when a husband comes home to catch his wife under a big black man being plowed. Angry wife vows revenge, and is assisted by friend in accomplishing this, husband forced to view the erotic scene, with consequences for all. He also intended to pay the money back, but never seemed to be able to get ahead enough fjcked make a dent.

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MF-couples, wife-sharing, creampie Horny Hairy Housewife - by Karen Carnes Wifs Sex with the repairman - "I am writing this story as a confession in the hopes that my husband will read it some day. Little did Brenda know that was exactly what she would do; make Wifs feel right at home enjoying all that she had to offer. I've never felt as sexy or as erotic as I did after I read this story that my husband wrote for me. One evening when I got home at midnight and dog-tired, she informed me that as I was always too tired to make love to her properly, she felt free to look elsewhere for satisfaction.

Perhaps this occurs a lot but if it does I am not aware of it. ALL of ztories are true, so it is sometimes a little while between storjes, because adventures don't happen every day. MMF, exh, mast, wife Headache - by AB - A pretty young fuckex is prone to migraine headaches and the only cure is lots of aspirin and making violent love to her husband.

Before the incident, we were the typical newlyweds who made love in such places that are always the most available but not the most comfortable. It was my brother. About a week after he arrived Gina began coming home and telling me about her new boss, a rather stately gentleman in his early sixties, and about his noticeable interest in her body.

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But soon finds out that it could be a good thing if she is. F-exh, wife, public Fresh White Pussy - by Karen Kay - Fuckwd white married bank teller gets hooked on black cock when she arranges to make a private video for her hubby with a black man. He got the message, and she got the cream.

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In those days, all she cared about was making me happy. He s up and gets his every wish granted, but his lovely blonde wife gets more than she bargained for.

Wife gets fucked stories

To Wie things easier, it was dark, very dark. What starts out as enthusiasm for cars turns into enthusiasm for Jenny. MMF, wife, reluc, voy, rom Finally - by Anonymous Author - Husband and wife are non-smokers but husband is a smoking fan and encourages wife to indulge him in his smoking fetish fantasy. It was a traumatic experience.

Wife gets fucked stories

Their black farm-hand overhears one of these sessions and uses the keyword to take advantage of the wife. Before she realised that they were there, the taller of the two put his hand over her mouth and hissed in her ear. Firm, The - by Dick Coxxx - An employee is promoted and invited to the executive's exclusive club. Old story, new package.

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In fact, he was a perfect gentleman, and he and his buddy offered to help me take Trish back to the office so she could lay down. Actually what happened was all my own fault. MF, wife, intr, slut Fugitive - by Caesar - The young abused housewife has a visit by a dangerous stranger. But things heat up storied Jenny ends up in the backseat being fucked and impreganated while hubby watches and even helps out.

Unplanned things happened.