Background[ edit ] Steve Suo, staff writer for The Oregonianbegan an investigation into the methamphetamine epidemic taking place on the West Coast of the United States in late

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Rose's article discussed the development of King's drug prevention project and the physiological effects of methamphetamine on the human body.

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Joyell Lucero, Phoenix Police Dept. These fumes can severely harm anyone exposed to them. Faces of Meth was originally released in on a CD containing 59 images and a PowerPoint presentation for educating youths about the dangers of methamphetamine.

Edwards, Editor-in-Chief of Behavioral Healthcare, Pids the project's methods, stating that permission was not obtained from the subjects, and that the identities of the subjects could have been concealed using black bars to block the eyes. With sustained use, a meth user can develop a tolerance to it. For example a user may have started by taking a pill, but as she develops a tolerance she may begin injecting it.

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The manufacturing process also generates toxic fumes. Meth labs also generate highly explosive gases. Find high-quality stock photos that you won't find anywhere else. Meth comes crystap several forms, including powder, crystal, rocks, and tablets.

Pics of crystal meths

They feel sick to their stomach. This public education strategy, intended to discourage drug use, has since become popular across the United States. Many children are rescued from homes with meth labs or meth using parents.

The user will pick at or scratch her skin trying to get rid of the imaginary bugs. Cooking meth is relatively simple, but highly dangerous and toxic.

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They can't look The images often depict s of premature aging, facial scarring from picking scabs, and advanced tooth decay, commonly referred to as meth mouth. Unlike drugs such as marijuana, crystwl, and heroin, which are derived from plants, meth can be manufactured using a variety of store bought chemicals.

She may change the way she takes meth. Parents high on meth neglect their children.

Faces of crystal meth: shocking before and after pictures reveal damage of prolonged drug use

People cover up their faces. According to the Faces of Meth crystall, all of the mug shots they use are public records and do not require permission. Meth, chemicals, and syringes are all within reach of these children. And the people who cook the meth usually do not have any chemistry training.

Pics of crystal meths

High doses can also cause convulsions. In Pucs long term, a person using meth may experience irritability, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, sleeplessness, confusion, aggressive feelings, violent rages, cravings for more meth, and depression. There are two basic of meth labs: Superlabs produce metjs quantities of meth and supply organized drug if groups that sell the drug in communities across the U.

Through a cooking process the pseudoephedrine or ephedrine is chemically changed into meth. As you can imagine, all those toxic chemicals used in the meth manufacturing process take a toll on the environment. They may become psychotic and experience paranoia, auditory hallucinations, mood disturbances, and delusions. Many of these labs are not sophisticated operations and do not require sophisticated chemistry equipment. She may take it more frequently or may go on binges.

Addiction is likely. It is usually illegally produced and distributed.

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The user may take increasingly higher doses of meth trying to catch that high she first experienced. Small Toxic Labs produce smaller quantities of meth. These labs can be set up in homes, motel rooms, inside automobiles, and in parks or rural areas -- really almost anywhere. Download crystal meth - stock picture and photos in the best photography agency ✓ reasonable prices ✓ millions of high quality and royalty-free stock photos.

Meth also has a very serious impact on children. I want that shock value to be there. The most common ingredient in meth is pseudoephedrine or ephedrine, commonly found in cold medicine. And the mental, physical, and emotional consequences for these Drug Endangered Children are often severe. The people in the pictures.

Pics of crystal meths

After glancing at her mug shot and seeing how the drug had physically changed her appearance, King began to collect booking photos of methamphetamine metsh on a daily basis, eventually creating "the faces of meth", a slideshow of "the most extreme faces" altered by the devastating effects of meth use. Metths of our tax dollars are spent each year to clean up meth labs, to care for Drug Endangered Children, and to pay for law enforcement to deal with the meth problem.

The paranoia may lead to homicidal or suicidal thoughts. Search from Crystal Meth stock photos, pictures and royalty-free images from iStock.

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Methamphetamine is a powerful, highly addictive stimulant drug that dramatically affects the central nervous system. Background[ edit ] Steve Suo, staff writer for The Oregonianbegan an investigation into the methamphetamine epidemic taking place on the West Coast of the United States in late This scratching can crystaal open sores that may become infected.

Photo provided by: Det. These shocking mugshots of crystal meth users reveal the extent of the damage prolonged drug use physically has. People can die as a result of using meth.

I want them to not forget what they've seen. I want to make an impact that lasts with these people.

Pics of crystal meths

How does meth affect everyone else? Because meth is so addictive, the distance between the short and long term effects may not be very long.

The appearance of meth, and methods of use

The user gets the sensation that there are insects creeping on top of, or underneath, her skin. A fairly common hallucination experienced by meth users is the so-called crank bug. Every pound of meth made can generate up to five pounds of toxic waste that may seep into the soil and groundwater.