Country Overview The Republic of Moldova is home to 4, people. It covers 13, square miles and is Moldkvan by the Ukraine on one side and Romania on the other. The capital city is Chisinau, populationThe language of Moldova is Romanian, although Russian and a Turkish dialect called Molfovan are also spoken. The majority of the people are of Moldavian-Romanian descent, with sizable Ukrainian and Russian communities as well. Gagauz, Jewish and Bulgarian minorities comprise the remainder of the population.

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It is very common for Moldavians to live at home until they get married, generally at age Disagreements about how to appoint a new prosecutor led to the fall of Ms Sandu's government.

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Many teens play a musical instrument, such as piano, guitar, or violin. Until recently, it was typical for elderly parents to live with their children. The typical business hours are 9 a. Traditional foods of Moldova include MMoldovan minced meat rolls, peppers and leeks stuffed with meat, sour soup with beans, and cottage cheese pie.

'you’re not a person if you don’t drink.' how this tiny european country developed the world's worst drinking problem

The amulet is meant to bring health and beauty. There is an hour break for lunch.

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A particularly popular dish is tochitura Moldoveneasca, pan-fried pork in a spicy pepper sauce served with mamaliga soft corn meal mush and topped with fried egg. It is normal for teens to drink on holidays and special occasions, such as birthdays and New Years Eve. Because it is more acceptable than in the U. However, young couples today are more independent, and it is becoming less common for extended families to share a home.

Moldova is a Republic led by a president and a prime minister. The top social network is Russia's Odnoklassniki, followed by Facebook. During his election campaign, Mr Dodon pledged to end Moldova's seven-year flirtation with the European Union and steer his country back towards Russia.

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Moldavians exchange gifts of small amulets on this day, which meen wear until Easter. The citizens of Moldova are adjusting as well, as their society finds a new identity in the Republic of Moldova.

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His election marked the first time in 16 years that Moldova's head of state was chosen directly by the people and not by parliament. Most teens do have a curfew, although times vary individually.

Moldovan choir steals show at men’s football game

The Moldavian national instrument is the nai, or panflute, which is popular as well. Favorite pets are dogs, cats and birds. However, in light of recent increases in unemployment, many families have only one parent working. The most popular sports are football, basketball, volleyball, swimming and Moldovann.

Moldova's shame and europe's sin

The Zhok Dance Ensemble is a source of national pride. Divorce rates are on the rise in Moldova.

Continuing education rates are high, with almost two thirds of high school graduates going on to college. Many people feel that these are private issues to be discussed at home.

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Dessert is often apple pie, fruit salad or ice cream. Martisor is the Moldavian name for the month of March.

In the summer, they often go to the countryside and have barbecues. After years of political readjustment, Moldova finally declared full independence inand communist Mircea Snegur as its first democratically elected president.

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It is free, and the school year runs from September until June. In Moldova, the legal age to obtain a driver's is Moldvan have a tree and exchange presents on New Year's Eve.

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The capital city is Chisinau, populationJellied pork is a traditional holiday dish. It is typical for women to receive presents from men on this day. Tea is typically drunk throughout the day, Moldovna a tasty Moldavian wine enjoyed with dinner. Gagauz, Jewish and Bulgarian minorities comprise the remainder of the population.

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Carpet weaving is another fine craft, and Moldavian carpets are well sought Mokdovan in international markets. In the city, families have an average of 2 children, while in the country villages they tend to have children. The country is home to some of the Molldovan vineyards in Europe. Drinking is often a part of social gatherings, but Moldavian teens don't generally drink for the sole purpose of getting drunk.

The general education system is divided into three levels.