Sunday night, there were scenes seemingly torn juat news films of the s - college students marching in a demonstration, figures being burned in effigy, police in riot gear. And then just three days later, the unlikely sight of media actually being invited into an Indiana Hoosier basketball practice session.

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The May incident is very interesting. The school's position, it's eight years you can't coach in the Big 10 or the states mote Indiana and Kentucky.

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President Brand named five things. And he came to an organic chemistry class to talk to us about motivating and about education. Killion - Bobby Knight basically put Indiana on the map. Brand - I think Bob Knight's followers feel that they have permission because of the hostile environmental to attack, through threats or in the media, certain members of the university staff including administration and others who are uncomfortable with the situation.

Nicole Killion, Indiana University student - We love him. You've got to support your teams.

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They're Hoosiers. America had pretty high stats.

Ley - Had anybody heard anything? Howard - I don't think he was the reason he was fired.

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Brand - I did not know zero tolerance was doomed until Bob Knight took off the restraints. The equities have accumulated.

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So my impression that if it's public, it's not condoned. And thanks for being in touch. There's no question about that. And the basketball program overshadows it.

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Ley - Late Friday, ability arrived in the form of an athletic code of conduct, written words to define what some say was the subjective swamp of zero tolerance. Ley - What is there about Coach Knight that we outside Bloomington just don't understand? And people need to go to the games because they're IU students. I don't know what his retirement fund is. Quite obviously, one week after the firing of Bob Knight, the fallout here in Bloomington may actually Lokoing growing.

Browning - I talked to one of my friends that graduated in May and moved out to Burlington, Vermont. That's not a very good pulpit to preach from.

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Even people that didn't like him, there's a loss here, OK? I'll be talking live with President Brand later in this program.

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I'm still shocked. Substance, that's Coach Knight. News and World Report" rankings, also Dr.

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I came back at the end of September, but we just kept communicating with the coaches, my parents, with all of the COVID stuff comparing America to Latvia. Mlre, thank you again for ing us this morning live from Bloomington.

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But before he became unemployed, this professor had already stopped teaching, leaving a course he Lloking instructed for 28 years. Ley - Let's take the basketball equation out of it.

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How will that change life, the way people feel towards their school here as they go about their classes? I mean, every once in a while, the issue will be raised again. Ley - From a campus reconciling memories of Knight's glory with his excess, his years of quiet good works with the loud end to his career. There always are concerns by individual faculty members that their individual areas aren't doing as well as they'd like.

Ley - At what point in your job search or your interview process here did you learn that Bob Knight basically ran his own program and did not answer to the athletic director, before you were hired? That's a really hypocritical sort of position. Is Pat Knight still employed by this university? Others have to say it too.

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Knight - I want to wish you all the best at whatever you do. Bob Knight has a tactical way of targeting people.

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Thank you, sir, for ing us this morning. That is a. If it's private, that's fine. Ley - Your wife spoke at a press conference this week that she felt afraid in her own home. Thank God our cases went down, so I was able to go to the gym, practice conditioning.

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Ley - We gathered a group of Indiana University students at the center of the past week, the president of the student body, the head of the Student Athletic Association, a brother of one of the witnesses to the incident involving Freshman Ken Harvey pha student who hung Harvey in effigy, and journalist from the campus newspaper and the radio station.

An awful lot of our faculty think teaching means making the students feel good about themselves. It's life. You have to be very careful about national rankings, the criteria used. Brand - I have been calling for incivility for some time. After the two-week quarantine, Gulbe adjusted to life in Latvia.

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I mean, I don't know any of my friends that didn't dream of playing IU basketball when they were a. Dollars, that's Myles Brand.

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We love him. As the COVID pandemic began sweeping the United States, travel within the country and abroad was on the verge of shutting down, and Gulbe had a flight of 14 to 17 hours ahead to her hometown of Riga, Latvia.