You had on a tan, knit top and jeans.

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You kept saying HI to me when you first got up front. I am the shorter of the two big guys with long, red hair. I just couldn't keep it in me Ladiess. I been trying to meet new females for fun or maybe for something more serious if the chemistry is right but it's just not happening. Your friend held up my hair when I showed off my T-shirt Hesperi the band.

I know this is a longshot, but if you see this note, please message me here. Have a good weekend!

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You had on a tan, knit top and jeans. Big Red Her ideal person.

I feel as if there are no more options at this point. I don't even feel human anymore.

Ladies wants sex mi hesperia

But it seems as the older I got, the harder it got to get any girl into bed. I used to be a magnet. Well anyways, I'm sure most of you got a good laugh out of this. And I had on the leather jacket. I needed to let it out. This isn't something I can talk to my family or friends about It's just sex not a marriage proposal FUCK woman! And, I pushed you up front, closer, several times and blocked you from the pit.

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Before I speak I know I'm gonna get lot of people talking crap and or making fun of my situation but I have NOT had any type of sex for years now! There was once a time were I hardly had to do anything to get a girl into bed. You spent a lot of time next to me, or in front of me, up front, by the band. I didn't have glasses on; the other big red haired guy did. I've been trying all these years they're not working or falling for it.