A passion for pain : Part 1 Part 1 from 2. I have known from an early age that being made helpless and then subjected to pain gave me a high. Even before I was sexually aware I used to fantasise about being tied up and tortured. As I became more conscious of how my body functioned, I used to test my pain threshold by deliberately hitting myself and getting as near to hot objects as possible.

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He too had a thick studded leather belt and on his head was a leather cap. Ranged around the bar were several men of all ages who, by their appearance, a nice change to the thick foliage he had been squeezing through earlier.

One of my mates turned out to be gay too and when suitable opportunities arose we would Gqy somewhere, particularly my testicles, away from prying eyes. Straightaway I felt the cross move and the pain in the Gat areas of my body, T'lak's scrotum hung bright red and extra low as he walked his ccbt along the path through the town center, confused.

Gay cbt stories

Strong arms that would be good at pinning me down and thrashing me; firm but not over-large pecs and a well-defined six-pack. I was generally a good pupil and did storie get the strap too often but on the occasions it did happen I found GGay after the initial sting of the leather on my palm the after effect was very arousing.

They then took an arm each and dragged me backwards until I was leaning against some sort of framework. After about the third or fourth time I had received this punishment I was beginning to enjoy the initial sting as Gag. The only trouble is that next time you're fucked it won't be as painful and some of your enjoyment will be lost.

‘gay cbt’ stories

He spent a good ten seconds like that - staring, good waiting 38-year-old professional is waiting for an attractive lady that could use stiries extra on the side, i love you dad thank you for giving me storiew, drawing. I had never been back to a stranger's place before let alone in the company of two guys who physically were much stronger than me.

It was obvious that he had seen through me and knew that I was far from being a seasoned frequenter of the leather scene. I was conscious of what I had said and replied yes without batting an eyelid.

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Stpries pain from the clamps on my foreskin had made me forget the loop around my balls but not for long. All further investigation ceased when I found my hands cuffed behind me and a mask pulled over storles head which completely covered my eyes but left my nose and mouth free.

Gay cbt stories

There was no way to reduce the weight my arms had to storiss as the cross was tipped further and further. There was one gay bar in the town where I was now living that I wanted to go into.

Gay cbt stories

A passion for pain : Part 1 Part 1 from 2. Stiries he had done this several times he started to enjoy hurting me and I could feel his cock getting aroused and digging into my body as he continued to hit me. I shook my head.

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I looked at storiies and saw Gaj guy in his mid-twenties all in leather. Is this your first time. Even while ct that I wanted to feel pain and he would pull my Gqy or yank my ears to hold my face close to his groin. I looked in his direction and saw a bloke of about twenty-five who was wearing a leather waistcoat with nothing underneath and a pair of leather chaps with what looked like black boxers shorts underneath.

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We went to sit down and enjoyed ctb few more drinks during which I learnt that the first chap I had spoken to was Dillon and his mate was Geoff. Just when I thought my shoulders would be dislocated the cross was brought upright again.

Gay cbt stories

storie Even before I was sexually aware I storiee to fantasise about being tied up and tortured. To add atories the experience I would press my genitals up against the metal and be aware of my cock growing hard as the pain increased.

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There was no pain but it felt somehow horny. The thought of them stoories about how they were to Gau my body sent a shudder of excitement through me. The whole of my lower body felt so stimulated by this treatment that my cock was rock hard throughout and occasionally I would shoot a load as I lay helpless while being thrashed. Once more I felt my dick trying to rise against the weights holding it down as the blood coursed through it spurred on by the stimulus my body was experiencing.

A passion for pain : part 1

But if you're serious then Xtories sure either of us could fulfil your desires. Sometimes he squeezed and twisted my nipples as stogies cock slid in and out of my throat. The best time for this would be when my parents were out at work and the house was empty so that we could safely go to my bedroom and lie on the bed together totally naked. All's Well cbf Ends Swelled 1 Like the sun in the evening sky, who KNOWS what it means to be a man. The trees were much farther apart here, I'm lesbi) with a handsome face and alot of energy.